Particular cells with eazyBI

Think of a pivot table in a calculation sheet. You group all data by one column. All belonging data appears on one row.

If you try doing this with tuples in MDX, the interception of vectors happens on, at least, two different rows when drawing all data from two projects. That means, a grouping field is the same on issues in theses two projects, with two different issues keys.

What you need is to navigate to a particular cell in each of these two projects. This example utilizes the grouping field „CR Number“ as a parameter:

      Descendants([Issue].[Project 1],[Issue].[Issue]),
      [Measures].[Issues with creationdate]>0
      [Issue].CurrentMember.Get('CR Number') MATCHES [CR Number].CurrentMember.Name
    Datetotimestamp([Measures].[Issue Creationdate])

What you get is this here:

Pivot table in eazyBI

111, 222 (values) – the grouping field. In this case an one line text field in Jira.

Erstellungsdatum – well, it is „Creation Date“ A date picker field.

Auslieferungsdatum – that is „Release Date“ Also a data picker field.

If you wonder how to get the text field into eazyBI, add the code beneath to Advanced Settings:

String field as a new dimension in eazyBI

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