Multiple Sources for eazyBI

eazyBI, a fantastic add-on for Atlassian Jira when it comes to sophisticated reports of any kinds.

As a Jira add-on eazyBI provides a ready-to-use data cube with the name „Issues“ for Jira data. In this article we are going to import additional data into this cube.

eazyBI sources overview

We want additional user properties in our report. An example:

select user_name, property_key, propertyvalue from propertyentry pe, propertystring ps, cwd_user cu where pe.ID = ps.ID AND pe.entity_ID = AND pe.property_key like '%Vacation Days%';

We import them into the dimension „Reporter“. Take care you choose „Issues“ as the cube:

SQL import options

Take care you choose „Skip missing“ in the „Advanced options“. For the values choose a new property name (User Property Annual Vacation) in the „Advanced options“.

After importing all data, you can start building your reports. Your values are available in the „Measures“ dimension:

eazyBI custom properties

A result:

eazyBI vacation report

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