Pivot tables with eazyBI in Jira

When working with a spreed sheet group cells with the same value, and you count the occurrences.

eazyBI works with MDX, a language for more sophisticated reports. It belongs to the field of data science, and also is utilized by Microsoft Power BI.

To group different Jira fields with the same value, one way is to get these values into the new field, and import it as a new dimension.

Pivot Table

The values with Jira users are coming from the fields „reporter“ and „assignee“.

Create a new scripted groovy field with the free, and great Jira add-on myGroovy. Choose a groovy user field.

Create two configuration for this custom field.

Custom field configurations

Add the groovy scripts for the projects, and issues types where it makes sense.

For the reporter.

Groovy issue.getReporter()

For the assignee.

Groovy issue.getAssignee()

Import this field as dimension, and also its properties.