Translate Transitions in Jira

While statuses, custom fields, the entire front-end is easily to translate through the administrator’s panel, workflow transitions are translated in a text file that you upload to Jira. It is done within a few minutes. No need to restart Jira.

Get the current language pack from Jira’s home:

mkdir -p ~/temp
cd <jira_home>/plugins/installed-plugins
ls *language*
# copy the *de_DE*.jar file to ~/temp
cd ~/temp
mkdir unpacked
cd unpacked
jar xf ../<de_DE.jar file>

In the folder ./unpacked find the properties file where you add your translations.

# ------------------------------
# Start Atlasteam Translations
# ------------------------------
atlasteam_vacation_cancel.title=Vorgang abbrechen
# ------------------------------
# End Atlasteam Translations
# ------------------------------

Save it and quit.

Zip all files as a jar file that we will upload to Jira.

jar xf ../<de_DE.jar Datei> *

Head to manage apps, upload your jar file. That’s it, your translation are available in each workflow.

In your workflows click on a transition, choose properties from the context menu.


“submit” – for example the text on a the popup in the custom’s portal

“title” – text on buttons in Jira, and in the customer portal in Server Desk

Publish your workflow, check out if anything works well.

Reach out to me for professional support!